Bosque Information

The Bosque is open, but fire danger is high and will be getting higher with the high temperatures and low humidity, please report any illegal activities. (Full list below)  , these included smoking, camp fires, parking in front of emergency access gates or blocking the roadway,  graffiti, unauthorized motor vehicles including ATV’s and motorcycles

If you are entering to enjoy the Bosque please take your cell phone.  Report any fire or fire causing activities to 911.  The Levee road has corrugated steel vent pipes with numbers.  These number are mile markers if you have this number we will know where you are if you need fire or police to respond.

We have had two people with camp fires in the Bosque.  On Friday morning a smoldering fire was found by an alert citizen and reported to the Fire Department.  This was a camp fire and the person even brought citronella candles into the Bosque.  Friday evening while doing extra patrols members of the fire department located people in the Bosque with a camp fire, as soon as they saw the fire department they left.  Corrales Police were called but the group had left prior to the police officers arrival.  The police did however, catch a vehicle going around the closed gates and issues several citations.   (updated6-18-2016)

The Bosque is open between  5:00am to 10:00pm.

Corrales Bosque Preserve Code CLICK HERE

Corrales Village Code Chapter 11 Corrales Bosque Preserve

11 – 4 Prohibited activities   

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in  any of the following activities in the Corrales Bosque Preserve:

(1) Hunting, trapping, snaring or collecting any mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian, or the eggs or young of such animals;

(2) cutting wood or digging up, cutting or removing any trees, plants or soil;

(3) Marking or defacing in any way any tree, shrub, rock or surface;

(4) Discharging any firearm, air gun, gas-operated gun, spring gun or slingshot;

(5) Bow and arrow shooting;

(6) Starting or maintaining any fire, including in cook stoves or cooking containers, or igniting any fireworks;

(7) Camping;

(8) Using the Corrales Bosque Preserve in or for any commercial enterprise;

(9) Possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages;

(10) Dumping or littering;

(11) Operating any motorized vehicle;

(12) Driving any animal-drawn vehicle except on the west side of the Sandoval lateral ditch;

(13) Staging concerts or other musical events, rallies or sports events;

(14) Erecting or constructing any facility or shelter, including but not limited to picnic tables, campgrounds, chemical toilets, sports fields, horse jumps, shacks, or treehouses;

(15) Permitting any pet or livestock to be estray or run at large;

(16) Playing any radio, television, sound-amplifying equipment or any recordings without using a headphone or similar device to contain the amplified sound;

(17) Being in the preserve between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. except in the course of agricultural use of the Sandoval lateral ditch; and

(18) Possessing or using smoking materials or smoking devices. For purposes of this ordinance, the term “smoking materials or smoking devices” shall include, but shall not be limited to, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, smoking tobacco, cigarette papers, cigarette lighters, matches, and electronic cigarettes or any other alternative smoking devices designed or intended to release vapors by the application of electricity or heat.