About Us

The Corrales Fire Department is responsible for responding to EMS (Medical), Fire, and Public assist (Fallen trees, flooding, etc.) emergency 911 calls within the Village of Corrales. Fire Department personnel are trained in many different fields, including structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, wildland/urban interface firefighting, hazardous materials operations, swiftwater rescue, rope rescue, vehicle extrication, and varying levels of EMS training: Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic.                                  

CFD is composed of eight paid staff members, six of which are on rotating shifts, which results in at least two responders on duty 24/7. The Chief and Commander are paid as well. The rest of the department is comprised of volunteers from the general Albuquerque area. Many volunteers assist with station duty, therefore much of the time there are more than two responders. When multiple calls are received or there is a major incident, many of the volunteers respond and assist with scene mitigation and control.                                                                 

As a department, we do more than just respond to fire and medical calls - we are extremely active with the community. The Fire Department is responsible for providing safety presentations to the elementary school. During November and December, we perform a food and toy drive for the less fortunate families of Corrales.


Quick Info

Welcome to the new Corrales Fire Department website. As we strive to serve our community the best we can, here are a few things to remember: 
  • If you have an emergency, call 911. Do not call the station.
  • If you need something or have a question, you can either call 505-898-7501 or stop by station one at 4920 Corrales Road.
  • Station Two is usually un-occupied between 10am and 6pm. The person on duty stands-by at station one for a centralized response to any calls which may come through.
  • If you need a road sign, you must purchase it at village hall and bring the receipt to us. We will make it for you.
  • If you would like to volunteer for either the Fire Department or the Recycling Center, click on the 'Volunteer' link in the navigation bar for more information.