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Due to increased temperatures, low humidity, increase fire activity and intensity in the area, there is no weed burning in the Village of Corrales until further notice (published June 18, 2016)  For Important information on Burning, the  Bosque and Preparedness see the INFORMATION page. 

The Fire Department encourages people to attend professional fireworks shows this year. If you do plan on purchasing and lighting fireworks this year, please follow these safety rules:

  •     Children must be supervised by an adult
  •      Light fireworks only on barren earth or pavement
  •      Have a garden hose or fire extinguisher where you are lighting them
  •      After you light the fireworks place them in a bucket of water to ensure they are extinguished.
  •      Purchase and use only fireworks that are legal in Corrales

Village Code Chapter 16

Fire Protection and Prevention

Section 16-79 Types of Fireworks permitted

"It is hereby provided that “safe and sane fireworks” shall be permitted within the Village. This shall mean and include all fireworks that are not self-propelling and the effects of which do not extend above ten feet in height from the ground" For full Village Code Chapter 16 Fire Protection and Prevention Click HERE